Terms & Conditions

1.0 E-Commerce 7 Day ruling

1.1 We are bound by UK law to provide a no quibble 7 day return policy whereby UK customers can simply return unwanted items for a refund. It is the responsibility of the customer however to foot the bill for shipping any item back to us and the cost of shipping to the customer is neither reimbursed. Not available to customers residing outside the UK. Seconds/Ex-display items are not covered by warranty but can be returned, at the customer's expense, under the 7 day ruling.

2.0 Pre-orders of deposit and out of stock items

2.1 We take £50 deposits for pre-orders on out of stock, be-spoke and specially made items. A deposit is exactly that, a deposit and is non refundable should the order be cancelled. Deposits are only ever refunded for the following reasons:

(Pre-order, out of stock items) We cannot provide the item ordered or whereby it takes longer than the advertised waiting period by more than 6 weeks (14 in total)

(Bespoke & Made For You Items) We Cannot provide the item ordered or whereby it takes longer than the advertised waiting period by more than 8 weeks. (16 in total)

2.2 Important - when your pre-order, out of stock, bespoke item arrives we will contact you to let you know. Balance payment must then reach us within 35 days (5 weeks) of the arrival date otherwise the deposit will be held and the item released for re-sale. If you have a valid reason for extension and you inform us then this is done by agreement. With agreement however after 6 weeks of holding we will charge storage of your item at £9.95+VAT per pallet per week.

2.3 Please be aware that pre-orders, out of stock and made for you items taken in December and January can take longer than the advertised period due to our factory being closed from the 18th of January to the 10th of February due to the festive period in the country of origin. The week count of items ordered during that time will only begin once the item order has been placed with the factory.

2.4 Pre-ordered and Made For you items are covered with the same 12 month warranty however are not covered by the 7 day ruling of return as they have been made/purchased especially. It is a customer's responsibility therefore to view an item or order samples in advance to ensure suitability.

3.0 Advertised Lead Times

3.1 Many out of stock and made for you items advertise a lead time of 8 to 10 weeks. It is important to understand the processes involved with these orders. The lead time is based on an average and there are things that can slow this down including the following:

3.1.1 Shipping - The shipping from our factory takes 4/5 weeks of the lead time alone. We order in bulk quantities only and shipping is by sea container. Shipping can be affected by loading delays, weather conditions, port arrival, customs etc all of which are directly out of our control.

3.1.2 Production - Sometimes production can be slower than normal and may be because of the availability of raw materials, public holidays etc.

3.1.3 Date Of Order - We order once a month from each factory therefore the date at which you order makes a difference to the length of time an order may take.

We try our best to keep customers informed of the progress but please note it is not always possible. We advise periodic checks to review the status of your order. As part of the terms on pre-order deposits we allow a total of 6 weeks (14 in total) in order to try to deliver and should it be delayed any further customers are free to cancel and receive a full refund.

4.0 Warranty

4.1 All Items are covered by Manufacturers Warranty for 24 months.

4.2 Only manufacturing defects are warranted. We do not cover any damages, chips, tears, marks etc caused by the customer either through use or installation of the product.

4.3 It is important to note that items with swivel mechanisms can sometimes be treated as fairground rides by minors! Damage to items that have been caused by 'spinning' very fast on swivel mechanisms is not covered, only manufacturing defect. We advise concise instruction of minors.

4.4 We are obliged to offer a replacement or repair on Warranted items. We retain the right to offer a repair or the replacement of parts.

4.4 Due to distance selling we always request digital images in order to process and assess any resulting warranty issue.

4.5 In the event of a problem we are obliged the opportunity to correct it and we do not charge shipping or delivery costs for replacements or repairs (within 14 days) unless a) the customer is using the 7 day ecommerce ruling and returning unwanted items b) returning items without giving the opportunity of correcting reported problems or c) the customer is reporting a fault on delivery but has signed as perfect with the courier. Outside of 14 days and the items are on a return to base warranty to be repaired or replaced.

4.6 Please note that in the process of manufacturing acrylic and fibreglass products it is not unusual for there to be small blemishes. This is not constituted as damage due to the nature of the material as long as they do not represent a significant size by which will then deem the item as faulty.

4.7 Always check that the dimensions of hallways and doorways are able to fit the products ordered. If you mis-calculate this then we are not responsible and the goods must be returned under the 7 day ruling therefore costing the customer shipping charges both ways.

4.8 We do not take any responsibility for customers own fixings. For example a Bubble chair that hangs from a customers own ceiling fixing.

4.9 We do not take responsibility for damage caused by the customer. Clearly marks, scratches and chips that are not on the product when it arrives are the customers responsibility. Likewise Damage that was not present when boxed at the warehouse and the product signed for on delivery is the responsibility of the customer.

4.10 Pre-ordered and Made For you items are covered with the same 24 month warranty however are not covered by the 7 day ruling of return as they have been made especially. It is a customer's responsibility therefore to view an item or order samples in advance to ensure suitability.

4.11 Due to the logistics involved, reported problems from countries outside of the UK will be dealt with financial re-imbursement. We do not collect and return items from outside the UK. We either a) send replacement parts or b) pay compensation/refund amount for items damaged or missing.

4.12 Warranty is void in all cases whereby any item has been modified from its original condition.

4.13 Items sold as seconds/ex-display carry no warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are fully aware of the condition of an item before purchase.

5.0 Delivery

5.1 Important - In the case of larger items we always try to recommend 2 people are present to receive delivery. Our courier will call in most cases to arrange convenient delivery (pallets). A convenient delivery constitutes whereby the courier delivers to an adequate and accessible address where the necessary help is on hand to move the items. Please note that although many of the drivers are very helpful, their contract is to get the items to your home, not inside it.

5.2 It is important you check the goods on arrival wherever possible. Couriers will not entertain a claim for their damage if the delivery sheet is signed as ok. If a courier does not give you time to check your goods please sign the sheet as UNCHECKED. At the very least any transport damage must be reported within 7 days but the chance of a successful claim are diminished. Please note that this refers to courier/transport damage and does not affect any warranty issue & or component fault.

5.3 Important - If you reside outside of the EU there may be an import tax payable by the customer to the local government. Please be aware we do not take any responsibility for these costs and they are NOT included in shipping, it is tax levied by local government and we do not know what these charges may be.

5.4 Notification of Damaged Goods In Transit Must Be Made Within 48 hours of receipt.

5.5 Refusal of a correct delivery is still charged. Likewise if this delivery is then returned to us by the carrier the charges for this are also the responsibility of the customer and we will deduct from the cost of any monies owed for the cancelation of the order.

5.6 With Pallet and large item deliveries it is very important not to miss the scheduled or saturday delivery because re delivery is chargeable at the same original rate.

5.7 The customer is responsible for import fees on item(s) sent outside of the UK. You should contact your local customs office for these fees. The customer must also take responsibility for custom laws. We will not be responsible for items destroyed or held by customs.You will receive no refund or compensation from us if your item(s) are destroyed or held.

6.0 Website 

6.1 We take our own images and colours may be slightly different when item(s) are received. We do not pay for returns due to this so if you have any questions please contact us before purchasing. This is the customers responsibility.

6.2 We reserve the right to cancel, at any time, special offers, discount coupons and promotions

6.3 Should an error within the design of the website cause the web cart to be lower than the advertised sale and delivery price of the chosen products, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the transaction.

6.4 We do not own any trade marks to any original designs. The names Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Eileen Gray, Harry Bertoia, Verner Panton, Philippe Starck, Hans J Wegner, Mies Van Der Rohe, Florence Knoll, Le Corbusier, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Jean Prouve, George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen are only used to describe the characteristics of their designs.

6.5 We reserve the right to not accept your order or to cancel your order if any of the following apply:

- We have been unable to process your payment, or a bank or merchant    service provider later cancels payment
- Payment has been made fraudulently or by illegal means
- The goods are unavailable from our stock
- The item/s are no longer available from the manufacturer
- We have made an error in pricing or product description
- We do not supply to your address

6.6 By purchasing any item(s) through any payment method you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

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